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Tuesday, August 31st 2004

11:15 AM

Summer Course Feed Back!

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 Well, we finally got to the end of our summer classes. And I want to tell you how happy I feel for your perfomance in class. Please, answer the following questions:

1. What did you like the most about your summer classes?   2. What didn´t you like very much about them?   3. Do you think your tasks (tareitas) helped you to prepare for your tests?  4. What unit was the most interesting?  5. What´s your opinion about using the lab and new technologies to learn English? 6. Do you think that chating and listening to music or singing can help you improve your English?   Why? 7. What´s your opinion about taking the listening test at the lab?   Is it easy or is it too complicated? 8. Are there any suggestions to improve your learning process? 9. Did you make new friends and participate at the EFL Center community?   10. What do you think about the web page doris3m´s eflcenter? Does it help you to practice and learn English? 11. Would you keep using this tools?

Thanks for your feedback!

Keep on shining!


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Wednesday, July 21st 2004

8:44 PM

Vicurbe says Here I am!

Excellent session… I had a great time and I learned a lot of interesting  things I will definitely share them with my students. Tappedin is a great site, the level of the conversation is superb and is also wonderful to see people from different parts of the world sharing the same problems we have here. Thanks a lot Doris, you’re a super teacher in My list
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Wednesday, July 21st 2004

8:38 PM

Milagros' 2 cents!

Hi Doris!. This has been an amazing experience for me. Thanks for giving us your time and sharing your knowledge. However, I have to say I feel very confused since computers are not part of my strengths.
About this tool I think it's a wonderful source of information. It provides teachers not only a huge amount of information on English issues but interactive places where we can exchange ideas that could be useful in our classrooms.
The idea of connecting learners with English speakers promote interaction and creates authentic learning environment. The chat tool is an effective way to get information from other participants and their feedback is very helpful.
What makes me feel bad is the amount of information at the same time. I wonder if our students can manage with this situation, taking into account their English level.
Otherwise, a lot of practice is necessary before taking our students into this experience.

Kisses, Milagros

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Wednesday, July 21st 2004

9:06 AM

Paula's Homework!

Since I haven´t done my homework up to now, I will include in this message my opinion and conclusions about each session.
Day 1.
I already knew how to open an e-mail account, and also how to send messages and chat. Any way I was excited because I felt I was going to learn something new from my teacher.....and definetely I did.  I like the idea of teaching other teachers who do not have the slightest idea of how to use a computer or use the internet. One of these days, very soon, we will need this tool for everything in this profession.
Day 2.
I was lost....completely lost.
Day 3.
I saw a new world in front of my eyes. The chat was very interesting but the teacher did not let me and my classmates participate. I was anxious to give my humble and short opinion, and for a moment I thougt I was not as smart and experienced as the others who were chatting.
Any way, I think that taking students to the lab and making them communicate between them must be fun, and they will only do it in English. Also, having sessions with other teachers around the world will let my students have contact with different cultures and information.
I have to say that I still feel a little afraid of braking the ice and including lab sessions in my plan, but I will do my best.
I had a lot of fun today, so I can´t imagine all the fun the my students could have doing the same.
Thanks teacher for being so patient with us!!!! 


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Wednesday, July 21st 2004

6:43 AM

This is Elsa's homework!

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Basic principles of On-line teaching

What improves learning: technology or instructional design? A conversation with Ing. Juan Carlos Mavo

Ing. Mavo began this session with a brief description about E-learning and the way it has improved. Then he gave real examples based on his own experience and I really like this part.

At the end he was very clear when he said that we need to consider the user needs before we design an E-learning course. Also he agreed that this is a team work in order to give the user what he needs.

When he starts answer the questions made by the teachers he was really willing to share his knowledge with the audience.

I really like the conversation with Ing. Mavo it was really good. I enjoyed it.

Introduction to yahoo
Hands on: getting an e-mail address, sending and receiving e-mails

I consider this session very important because it helped some teacher to get familiar with Internet or to get an E-mail, I think it was really good.

On-line discussion with a Webhead
At the beginning this session was a little confusing but I think the teachers were really enthusiastic about it. I think all participants had the opportunity to share some thoughts with the Webheads. For me was a wonderful experience. I hope we'll have more time tomorrow.

Well done Doris


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Monday, July 19th 2004

8:45 AM

We did it! First day!

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Guess what! we did it.   Teachers got their e-mail addresses and had they first chat ever. The chat was a little bit energetic for some of them , but they had fun. We have to thank Juan Mavo  for his great talk about the use of technology and the importance of the instructional design. Way to go, Juan!

Now, here is what Janet said about technology:  

Hello, Doris.
I'm sending you this e-mail. I think technology is  very important in a teaching-learning situation but technology is not represented only by computers. Technology has to do with all the tools we use in class. Even a piece of paper, a board and a marker is technology. There's not point to be very good at knowing new technology if you  don't know how to use it and don't have the methodology and srtategies to reach your students.
Ok, what do you think about this? post your comments here.
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Monday, July 19th 2004

7:17 AM

CMC on line tools and EFL Teaching: First day

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Well, it looks like today is the day! We're shipping off on this adventure! Here you have some introductory readings I borrowed from the webheads . Check them out and later you can post what you think about that!  Here are the links:

Learning on line: http://www.open.uoguelph.ca/resources/skills/hints.html

How to be an e-learner: http://www.learningcircuits.org/2001/may2001/elearn.html

Well, have fun at today's session.


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Sunday, July 18th 2004

8:47 AM

Welcome to our Web Journal.

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Wow! I'm finally here. This is my first web journal or  is it a Blog? Have to ask my good friends the Webheads.    Well, let's star by saying welcome everybody! This week is going to be a very busy week. Hope you enjoy it and have so much fun that you'll keep on coming back for more. I want to thank you all for accpeting this invitation to share and learn together. 

We're going to use this journal to write our reflexions of the day! So be ready to write and share. Don't be afraid, you can do it!

See you tomorow at the course!  and don't forget to Keep on shining!



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12:00 AM

This is what Monicet thought about yesterday's session

I liked the idea of other teachers catching up on technology, and how they can communicate in real time with other people from around the world, specially teachers who are more expirienced in using computers as a support for English teaching. I´m used to chating through messengers, so it wasn´t new for me.
What I am conserned about is that when the members of my group, including myself, tryed to clear out the idea on how we can use these tools or how the students can use these tools for improving their English skills, nobody seemed to answer, so we were left hanging on that point.
For the rest, I really appreciate your giving us the opportunity to go through this expirience together as teachers.
Best wishes
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